Acupuncture for the Uninitiated

If you haven’t tried acupuncture yet, then you should now that it is a natural healing process that encourages the body to improve its functions. Acupuncture is performed by inserting a few needles into specific parts of the body and then applying a slight jolt of electricity or heat for stimulation.  

Acupuncture follows the concepts of Chinese traditional medicine. It says that energy runs throughout the body and it’s important that its flow is not impeded. Otherwise, a wide range of chronic diseases will occur. To ensure that the energy isn’t backed up, the blockage is released through the needles used in acupuncture.  

How Acupuncture Works  

Meridians are referred to as the path where the energy flows throughout the city. Energy gets blocked in these paths and the acupuncture needles are the ones that can unblock them. Because of the needles inserted in your body, the energy flows freely through the meridians. Acupuncture treatments help to restore the energy balance of the body, which is evidenced by more functioning body organs. As a result, the body digests food properly and absorbs all the nutrients from it.  

Science tries to explain how acupuncture works and researchers come to the conclusion that the needles stimulate the central nervous system of the body, thereby releasing the natural healing chemicals found in the brain, spinal cord, and muscles. These chemicals change how the body experiences pain. Some of the chemicals also initiate the regulating system of the body. 

Medical Acupuncture versus Traditional Acupuncture   

As an ancient medical art, acupuncture has evolved extensively. Right now, there several approaches to practicing and learning it. If the acupuncture is performed by doctors, then it is referred to as medical acupuncture. If the practitioner is a follower of the traditional Chinese medicine, then it’s referred to as ordinary acupuncture.  

It’s possible to combine both modalities if what you want is speedy recovery from chronic illnesses. All it takes is proper consultations with medical experts and traditional practitioners for the best possible results. Be sure to ask what modality is used by the clinic where you’re getting Brisbane acupuncture therapy before you get started.  

The Scope of Acupuncture   

Whether you’re going for the traditional or medical acupuncture, this treatment therapy influences the key concepts of health, such as your well-being, your illness, or your manner of treating your medical condition. Acupuncture can be used for both prevention and cure.  

It is true that acupuncture is mostly used to control pain. But with the help of well-trained acupuncturists, it can be used for many other applications. The WHO or World Health Organizations even released a list of diseases where acupuncture can be used.  

Is Acupuncture Effective? 

Acupuncture is only effective if used the right way. Ideally, it is used with another medical treatment. Acupuncture is best used as a complement to Western medicine for people with pre-existing conditions. On the other hand, those who merely want to preserve their health may use acupuncture as their regular therapy. To know the best way to use acupuncture, consult with a qualified health practitioner.