Benefits of a Soffit Board Used for Roofing

A soffit board is a material that serves as the link between the actual side of your home or a building and the extension or the roofing overhang. As a matter of fact, it is most commonly used around the main roofing structure. Even though a soffit fascia board can be used under columns, building arches, under porches, under staircases, and anything with a ceiling. The following are some of the few benefits of a soffit board:

1. Aesthetic Purpose

The aesthetic purpose of the soffit fascia board is, it serves as a skin that covers the roof spaces or the attic of your home or a building. Therefore, a soffit board, joist beams or the rafter will be totally visible and exposed that might not be pleasant to you or to anyone’s eyes. With that being said, a soffit board gives you an added style, character and fashion to all structures in that you may choose its features, for example, its color in order to suit with the design of the whole structure.

2. Functional Purposes

One of the purposes of a soffit fascia board, on the other hand, is that it serves to protect your rafter or joist beams after strong visits of the harsh weather conditions.

If your rafter or joist beams are exposed in the light and visible in all of the segments, you’re putting the roofing structures at high risk with a lot of chances of mold formation or buildup in your beams. In addition to that, this is not healthy for your roof and even the entire structure since it can be very hazardous to everyone, particularly if left unnoticed or neglected. Having said that, it will definitely mean eventual collapse and corrosion of the rafter or joist beams. Furthermore, you will have to control these problems with professional replacements or repairs if necessary.

Another one of the purposes of a soffit fascia board is, it keeps the roofing structure well-ventilated. There will be regular and sufficient circulation or flow of air to the attic as well as the other roofing spaces from the outdoor environment. This regular and sufficient airflow is very essential for the entire residential house or building.

It is because when your roof spaces or attic are sealed airtight, they’ll attract and hold the heat that will eventually cause an overhear of your attic. Once this occurs, the heat begins to get stuck in your house and may bring you discomfort inside your own home. It can even lead to a significant increase in your monthly utility bills. This will typically be the case during a hot summer season without a soffit fascia board built in your roofing structure.

While in the colder winter season or rainy months, snow and rain will result in moisture accumulation or buildup in your rafter or joist beams. Moisture can cause rotting and corrosion of your sheathing and rafter beams as well. So, you definitely need a soffit to keep your roofing system from drawing in as well as holding moisture or heat. If you want to know more about Soffit board for your roofing, contact a professional such as Roofers Pittsburgh.